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Principles of UX Design


A self-authored nine chapter e-book outlining the principles of UX geared towards anyone that is interested in, or new to the industry. Downloaded by over 40,000 readers.
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"So even as companies start to meaningfully invest in UX, and even as the growing swell towards delivering products that are far more than simply usable is well underfoot, we need more voices.

UX practitioners have been and will continue to beat this drum—and now’s the time for those of you on the outside to join the chorus. The following information about the tenets of UX are brought to you on the shoulders of people who’ve advocated for UX inclusion at a variety of agencies and companies of all sizes to varying degrees of success. They’re tested and true methods, and adopting any semblance will move the needle of UX maturity at your organization ever closer to ideal.

And what’s that ideal? It’s the full embodiment of what I like to call the unwritten vow that UX practitioners assume: be unapologetic advocates for all users.

It’s time everyone adopted this vow and assumed the role of UX advocate. Users need your voice."